How to protect your fence from the rain this summer

Rain can be a house owner’s nightmare, especially when we talk of outdoor installations like fences. With warm weather, comes episodes of heavy rain and high-speed winds. Therefore, you must know how to protect your fence from rain in the summer. To help you do that and have a long-lasting fence, here’s a quick 4-point guide.

Keep it clean
Most of the fence issues stem from poor maintenance and lack of cleanliness. Therefore, you must ensure that you clean out your fence regularly of debris or mud. This comes in handy when you live in a rain-heavy area. This will prevent you from having to break your back cleaning after a brief spell.

Cover it
If you find it easier to prevent the rain damage than living through it, you need to cover your fence with a high-grade tarp or tarpaulin before the winds hit. Once the storm subsides, you can remove the tarp, with no damage to your fence.
Oil stain that fence
Oil staining is tested and tried method that any Frisco Fence Contractor uses. With promising results for wooden fences, property owners can use oil staining to ensure long-lasting fresh look for their fence. By the rule of thumb, there should be an ideal gap of 24 hours between successive coats of the oil stains.
Check for damaged or loose posts
An additional preventative measure is to check for damaged or loose posts, whether it is a PE plastic fence or aluminum fence or wrought iron fence. If you spot a damaged post, you must call upon Frisco Roofing Pro Company for a quick professional fix.

Taking care of your fence in the rain is very important. But the best method is to prevent damage rather than wait for it. So you should contact the expert in your region for the best results.

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