7 Signs You Need a Roof Leak Repair and Replacement

Roof is an integral part of the house and a minor problem in the roof can cause massive damage in the roof. Majority of the owners, don’t even realize that the roof exists until it starts to leak and their house is filled with buckets of water. Roof damage can also be in the form of shingles breaking down and falling off.

Signs that you need to go for a roof replacement:

1. Moss on the ceiling: Moss appearing on the sides of your ceiling might look nice in the beginning but in reality it means serious trouble. Moss actually mean that there is a possibility of trapped moisture in your roof which, if not paid attention to, can destroy your roof.

2.Sagging roof: Check for decking or rafters are sagging downwards in your attic. Ideally they should remain firm and straight but sagging means trouble. They might be wet from leaking or moisture. In such cases get your roof leak repaired from professionals in Frisco, Texas.

3.Check shingles: If you see the shingles on your roof getting curled or broken down or falling off from the ceiling regularly then it’s definitely for you to get your roof leak repair. Ignoring these falling off shingles in long term can cause leakage and further trouble.

4. Leak in attic: After a thunderstorm or a hailstorm, if your attic starts leaking and you see water seeping into your house, then you will have to go for a roof leak repair or replacement as soon as possible.

5. Flashing/ light from outside: Get up on your roof and examine the points near chimney seals, vents and skylights to check for any breakage or cracks. Any such minor or major cracks can lead to serious leakage problems later, if ignored.

6. Shingles bits in gutter: Check in and around your gutter area for broken shingle granules. A few chippings once in a while is okay but regular chipping of shingles means that your shingles need to be replaced sooner. If the problem is beyond your control, contact professionals for gutter repair in Frisco, Texas.

7. Roof Age: Check your records to find out when the roof was last repaired or replaced. Normally, a typical asphalt shingle roof lasts from 20 to 25 years.

If the problem is beyond your control, it’s good to take expert help from companies like Frisco Roofing Pro.

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