Five Steps Which are Good for the Roof During Strong Wind

When the weather turns stormy, it brings uncertainty and fear with it. It is a given that everyone must have plan B in place. Plan B is very important especially in regions which are prone to storms. Most of the roofing companies in Frisco TX would suggest to have a storm shelter or a fortified, underground room which could withstand the onslaught of severe storms. It should be well stocked with food and drinking water. Candles and safety matches would be the other necessities and people can ask for better roofing ideas to FriscoRoofingPro.

Clean the Roof

When inclement weather approaches, the most important thing to do, apart from putting plan B in place, is to clean the gutters on the roof.  This is a dire requirement if the building has a flat roof. The debris could be leaves from overhanging trees or birds’ nests or bits and pieces that have mysteriously landed on the roof. In case you observe cracks or holes on the roof, contact roof leak repair in Frisco Tx and get it mended. If the gutters are clogged or the roof is strewn with rubbish, the family runs the risk of a leaking roof at the very least.

Shingled Roof

Shingled roofs are not safe from storms. Apart from cleaning the gutters, it must be ensured that no shingle is loose or missing. Loose shingles are dangerous because strong wind would rip them off. This would cause a gaping hole in the roof. A flying tile is a potential weapon for injury. Shingles which are replaced must be carefully nailed down so that they are water proof. A strong wind is less likely to rip off strongly nailed shingles. Damage to the roof can be avoided by taking this precaution.

Metal Roofs

A metal roof that is damaged before a storm is as likely to be further damaged as a shingle roof. Flying pieces metal are more lethal than flying shingles so it must be ensured that all damaged pieces of metal are repaired before the storm.  

Upkeep of open area

The open areas around the house needs to be cleared of any material that has the potential to cause damage. Trees should be pruned and any branches which are weak or dying must be chopped off. Such limbs could break with the force of the wind and damage the roof. Loose branches could get swept along with the wind and severely damage entire structure.

Nature’s fury can be intimidating even when human beings are well prepared. Being caught in a state of unpreparedness can be lethal physically and monetarily.

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